Totti Button Ski Rack

Store. Ski. Rack. Organize.

  • Build a Button Ski Rack with  Button Ski Hangers purchased at, or
  • Purchase completed racks through
  • Easily store and organize your skis and free up space.

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Step-by-step directions on how to install the Button Hangers .

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The Button Hangers

If you need a ski storage rack, but you don’t want to hang your skis by their tips or stand them on their tails or use up valuable floor space; then the Button Hangers is the perfect ski storage system for you and your family.

More and more skiers are considering this patented design because it eliminates the drawbacks of traditional ski storage systems.

Button Ski Hangers Make
Button Ski Racks

Button Hangers and the Totti Ski Pole Organizers can be purchased at

For The DIY'ers!

Do it yourselfers that want to build their own Button Hangers can buy the Button Hangers to screw to the backboard of their choice. Button Hangers are available at Amazon/Amazon Prime

The backboard can be a 2×4 or 1×4 board, an old ski, or commercial garage storage backboard.  These Button Hangers can also be screwed to a solid structure such as a railing, a post or a barrel. 

Our Ski Rack Advantages

All skis from super fat rockered skis to narrow race skis can be stored on this patented design. Other ski rack designs may work for a carving ski, but aren’t the answer for twin tips.

Perhaps you’re not sure if storing skis by their tips is good for them. Pinching the tips or the tails of the skis together may damage the camber (or reverse camber) of a pair of skis. The Button Hangers store the skis by the part designed to hold a ski, the binding.

Ski graphics are as much a part of the skis as the structure. Why not show it off. Skis stored facing the room take up less wall space. Two 24 inch Button Hangers will hold 10 pairs of skis and consume approximately 50 inches of wall space. Only 4 pairs of skis can be stored in the same space when their edges face the room.

How The Button Hangers Work

Most ski bindings have ski brakes that hold the skis together.  The Button Hangers uses this to store a pair of skis.  One ski hangs by the ski binding toe piece.  The other ski hangs, on the suspended ski, by the ski brakes. Some ski/ski brake combinations may need a strap or clip to help keep the skis together.

Options: Button Hangers have traditionally been made from wood and sold together as with a wall mount backboard. The new injection molded Button Ski Hangers come as individual pieces that will allow you to build your own Button Ski Rack® out of a board from the hardware store, an old ski, a 4×4 post, a railing on your deck, etc.

Prebuilt backboards can be purchased at as well. These back boards are slotted to give you the freedom of adjusting the spacing between buttons.

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