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Frequently Asked Questions

Ski Rack Installation Instructions

The following are answers to questions posed by customers.

Button Ski Rack products, including racks, individual buttons, tech buttons and ski pole racks can be purchased through at this link (Button Ski Rack).

Button Ski Hangers 5-Packs can be purchased at at this link: Button Ski Hanger 5-Pack. 

Yes. Kid’s skis will work on Button Ski Hangers. Children need to be supervised when using Button Ski Hangers to store skis.
Button Ski Hangers are used to store downhill skis.
The button fits deep inside the recess of the binder toe piece just like the toe of a ski boot. It’s like a broad hook. The weight of the lower part of the skis keeps them vertical. It will take quite a bump to knock skis off a button. Customers that experience the 5.7 earthquake in Salt Lake City in March 2020 claim that their skis experienced the event without falling off. Some ski brakes don’t hold the outside ski well enough and it tends to slide sideways or even slide off. The solution is simple. A Velcro ski strap around the tip of the ski will prevent this from happening.

Button Ski Hangers hold fat skis, carving skis, race skis, twin tips, kids’ skis, his skis, her skis… If they have alpine binders on them, they can be stored on a button without risk of damaging the structure of the ski. A modified button is required to hold skis with tech binders.

Button Hangers were designed by a mechanical engineer for skis weighing 4 times the weight of a normal ski. The weak part is the means of attachment. The button must be installed with ¼ inch, minimum fasteners, to a solid backing material. Drywall anchors will not work.

Tech Button Ski Hangers are available for purchase at this link:  Button Ski Hangers (buttons) were designed for alpine ski bindings, however a version is available that will hold both alpine binders and alpine touring bindings (tech) bindings. Tech Button Ski Hangers have a groove machined in the outer rim that accepts the pins on the toepiece of tech binders. These buttons work best with the tech binding toe piece in the engaged position.  

Currently black is the only color that Button Ski Hangers come in. They could be manufactured in different colors for orders larger than 1000 pieces. Button Ski Racks can be purchased with traditional wooden buttons at

Spacing of 6 inches is adequate for all ski widths.

Forty-three inches, minimum will accommodate most skis. Vintage long skis 210 cm or greater or skis with center mount binders may require that buttons be hung higher than 43 inches. In these conditions, the rack height should be determined with the ski available.
Yes, however the primary requirement is that Button Hangers can be mounted to a solid backing material. Mounting to dry wall with just a screw or even a wall anchor is not adequate for repeated use. Mounting a button to a wall stud through drywall will work. If the wall material is a solid material such as wood or particle board, the button can be mounted directly to the wall. The best solution is to mount multiple buttons to a solid backboard and mounting that backboard to the wall. A wooden board, an old snowboard or ski make perfect backboards for wall mount ski racks. Note also, if a button is installed directly to a wall the tips of some skis with significant rocker will touch the wall. The solution is to put a ¾ inch spacer between the button and the wall and use a longer screw.
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